Chicago Financing Group takes pride in helping buyers and sellers in this difficult real estate economy. We are a real estate and financing company based out of Tampa Bay, Florida. Our mission is to offer our clients find creative solutions for selling and purchasing real estate. Use this website as a resource for information to learn how to have success in this difficult real estate economy.

Chicago Financing Group can provide services at no cost for motivated sellers that need to sell his or her home quickly. Our goal is to help these sellers find buyers that cannot obtain traditional financing.


It is important to ask yourself, are youtruely a motivated seller?
Has your home been for sale for 60-90-120 days or more?
Is your home underwater like most other Americans?
Are the bills and mortgage payments just building up?
Are you in a little, no or negative equity situation?

Chicago Financing Group will help you sell your home. We help sellers find the solution that will best fit their needs. We have two major options available depending on your situation. Our services are free of charge to our sellers, and we handle everything to ensure that you do not have to bring any money to closing. There are no realtor fees to pay, closing costs or money to bring to closing.

A Chicago Financing Group Short Sale
House values have plummeted in the recent years, leaving people with unreasonably high mortgage payments. Banks have been opening up to forgiving debt through a short sale. Chicago Financing Group will walk you through a short sale and make an offer to take over your property as property managers. This prevents a foreclosure and stops those pestering bank notifications and threats. Read below for more information to understand if this option best suits you.

Chicago Financing Group will work with the homeowner to negotiate with the homeowner's lender. The purpose of the negotiations is to postpone the house going to auction and negotiate a discounted payoff on the loan (or loans). Using this method, the home can be purchased at a reduced price and a foreclosure can be avoided. Be prepared for this to take time. Varying on the lender, it may take as little as 45 days or as long as 4 months.

Avoid Foreclosure with Chicago Financing Group’s Real Estate Seller Solutions. First, take the time to understand what a foreclosure is and what can be done to avoid this damaging outcome on your credit score.

A Few Definitions Related to a Short Sale

Foreclosure: The legal process by which the lender forces the sale of a property because the borrower has not met the mortgage terms.

Pre-Foreclosure Sale (PFS) / Short Sale: When a property is sold and the lender(s) agree to accept a discounted payoff, releasing the lien that is secured by the property.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM's): These are those loans that reset (the interest rates adjusts typically higher) and drive the monthly debt payments up.

Here are the three most common reasons for a bank foreclosure?

Job Loss: Due to economic conditions, American employers have to release great employees because of many factors. These employees may not have the financial reserves to withstand many months of not receiving a paycheck. Some of these employees are finding new work, but at a lower pay rate than what they have received in the recent past.

Divorce: Often a house has to be sold after a divorce. In this market, it is quite difficult to. Without the benefits of a joint income, it will be difficult to afford the mortgage payments. Homes in this situation prequalify for a short sale.

Health: People fall ill and they make the decision to pay doctor's bills in lieu of the mortgage.

How do I qualify for a Chicago Financing Group Short Sale?

• Are you behind on your mortgage or facing default or foreclosure?
• Are you in a financial hardship of any kind? This can include, but is not limited to, relocation, loss of income or job, divorce, illness or death in the family, house in need of major repairs, increased bills or expenses?
• Has your mortgage payment depleted your savings?
• Are you in a situation where you MUST have your home sold?
• Can you not sell your home due to a mortgage balance greater than your current property value?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then you may qualify for a Chicago Financing Group Short Sale. We advise that you seek a free consultation with one of our short sale experts. We have a Free informational hotline as well as free informational materials available if you fill out a contact form.

Doesn't a short sale take a lot of work?
It will not take very much work at all for you. We will ask you to gather certain financial information and forms, and our team will handle the negotiations and details with your lender as well as the process involved in selling your home.

How do I benefit from a short sale?
A short sale helps to relieve the stress of being in foreclosure. You can end your mortgage payment obligations and walk away; this ends the constant harassment from your lender. Our clients are 100% relieved of the burden the foreclosure has caused. A short sale’s main benefit over foreclosure is that it prevents additional damage to your credit. Some late payments have already done some damage to your credit; however, a foreclosure will do much more damage and lower your credit score even more.

Is it possible to stay in my house during the short sale process? It is better to move out and disassociate yourself from the house, but we let our homeowners have enough time to find their new residence. You still may be able live in the home until closing. In fact, if you are facing foreclosure and our agents are actively working with your bank, we can typically get your lender to delay the foreclosure proceedings and make it possible for you to stay in the home for some time.

Please contact one of our Chicago Financing Group Short Sale Specialists
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