Real Estate Investors

Whether you are a foreign investor or from the United States, you are often limited by the amount of financing that you are able to receive. Chicago Financing Group has a unique list of houses that will allow you to add additional properties to your portfolio with out the need of a lender getting evolved or tying cash up in a single investment. It does not make any difference exactly where you are from and what currency you would be employing to buy a house, we have a properties that are waiting for you.

There are typically 3 sorts of real estate investment on the market to investors. These investments consist of the commercial estate investment and residential residence investment. Residential properties are additional labeled into single family members attributes, apartments or condominiums and recreational attributes. Regardless of what kind of real estate you're thinking about, you will find all kinds of tax ramifications, financing options and legal specifications that you need to handle.

The terms for acquiring financing for foreigners are often quite tough to manage. Chicago Financing Group allows foreign and local real estate investors the opportunity to gain traditional mortgages only offered to American homeowners. We have a list of sellers that are willing to offer their home with the financing already in place. This gives investors the chance to gather mortgages and properties that they would not typically be able to purchase, either because they do not qualify for more loans or they are not from the United States.

Now is the opportunity to invest in the Florida real estate market. Fill out an investor contact form to learn of more properties that are available with this unique financing system. We also have several properties that are available with traditional financing. Please specify below what information you would like to receive via email.