Our Company

Chicago Financing Group's mission is to help homeowners and buyers in today’s market by offering them creative solutions in selling real estate. We are here to help motivated sellers that need to sell his or her home quickly and buyers that cannot obtain traditional financing because of today's strict lending guidelines. We are here to be a free resource to sellers looking to walk away from their real estate troubles. There is no cost to any seller looking to sell their home through us.

This is a difficult real estate market. We are here to help you understand that there are more options than just a traditional sale. Time is money, and we have options to sell your home today. We simply attract more than the small number of buyers who can qualify for bank financing. As a buyer, we understand that it is difficult, and there is a desire to one day own a home. With Chicago Financing Group, it is possible. Join our buyers list today to see what homes are available near you.

No matter what your situation, Chicago Financing Group will be able to offer you the best option for you along with exceptional customer service. We are here to answer any questions you may have. Call or click to request your free consolation today.