Creative Seller Financing

Chicago Financing Group offers creative solutions to getting your home sold fast. We offer a new proprietary system that is mutually beneficial for both sellers and buyers. The option is quite simple. It allows sellers to legitimately permit buyers to take over payments on existing and otherwise non-assumable mortgages without the buyer’s needing to qualify with the lender for the mortgage. This allows a whole new set of buyers to be in the market to purchase your home. There is no lender involvement in the transaction. Rather than selling a house and relying on the buyer to acquire financing, this allows sellers to sell their home with the financing in place. This is the best option if the seller wants to walk away from their home without any repercussions on their credit or ability to get a bank loan in the future.

Following the closing of the transaction, the buyer assumes possession of the property by paying for all the closing costs, and thereby become entitled to all income tax benefits, appreciation potential, and all other benefits of ownership – all without needing to meet high standards for bank loans.

After a period of time, the buyer purchases the home with his or her own financing, at the then current fair-market value, and the underlying debt is paid off. All the while, the buyer has been making the loan payments and paying for all the upkeep and maintenance of the property, thereby relieving the seller of that burden.