Own your dream home today regardless of your credit history.
Are you tired of the banks turning you down for a loan?
Do you have a job or are self-employed, but the banks are denying you a loan?
Are you trying to take advantage of this real estate market, but the banks aren’t letting you get the financing for you dream home?
Gone through bankruptcy or foreclosure and no one will finance you?

Chicago Financing Group is here to help Buyers, depending on how many homes you have bought in the past your knowledge of buying a home may vary. The traditional method of buying a home is somewhat complicated. Well buying a home with owner financing from sellers or investors can be even more complicated and even cause you to loose thousands of dollars if you don’t do your research first or ask the right questions. Some sellers, agents or investors do not disclose some or all the information that should be disclosed to a buyer. Chicago Financing Group wants you to know the benefits and risks of buying a home so that you can make an informed decision.

Here are some of the benefits of buying a home with owner financing or assignments.

• Most of the terms are negotiable in an owner finance transaction even when you can make your monthly payments and the balloon payment as well if there is one. If you need to pay on the 15th of the month then it is best that you tell the seller this so that you do not have problems paying on time in the future and acquiring any late fees or penalties. A balloon payment is the refinancing period that some sellers put on a buyer so that they have to refinance with in a certain amount of time. Ask us about this for greater detail!
• You are able to purchase a property even though you may not be able to qualify for a traditional loan.
• You get all the benefits of home ownership. (On Assignments and Wraps where you get legal transfer of ownership) You are able to write off all of the interest, taxes, homestead and care for the home.
• Sometimes you will be able to buy a property with a shorter loan term than 30 years. (On some assignments the sellers may have paid down the loan a few years, will probably not happen on wraps)
• You may be able to get very low interest rates on some assignments.
• It is easier to refinance than obtain a traditional loan after creating a history of good payment, and establishing a value
• Some Loan Servicing Companies do report to the credit companies so if you have a good pay history this will help you refinance the loan.
• Closing costs in an owner finance transaction are low.
• You do not have to meet rigid mortgage requirements

Buyers: We make sure you understand the details of owner financing and the terms of the loan of the home you are considering. Each home has a different seller and therefore the terms of financing will vary. Items that are required on each transaction are: a down payment of 5-25% on the home, 2 years job history, and 2 years tax returns that demonstrates your income is at least 3 times the monthly payment of the home. There may be other requirements depending on the seller. If we do not have something you want just register here and we can find it.

Mortgage Assignments
–“Take over Payments” can be used when there is no equity, very little equity or even upside down because of today’s depressed prices. Most commonly used in New Neighborhoods or recent homeowners. If sellers sold their homes with a traditional agent they usually would have to bring money to the table.
There are many benefits to selling your home with owner financing compared to a traditional sale. For example: the cost of selling your home with owner financing is much less than that of a traditional sale. When a seller offers Seller Financing there are many variations so it is important to use competent professionals when doing these transactions and ask as many questions as possible. Our professional company will inform you of all your options so that you can make an informed decision based on your goal.

We have an extensive list of services depending on your situation:

• We market the property, find a buyer, handle all the paperwork, structure the loan if necessary, close the transaction and our fees vary depending on your situation. We are very flexible and Most of the time our fees are covered by the Transaction so you have no money out of pocket.
• We structure the transaction with your needs in mind and customize the process and terms to fit your needs. Our goal is to help you sell your home quickly and provide you with a pleasant experience.
• We even offer the short sale method of selling your home if that is what you choose to do.

Realtors Welcome

• Do you have listings that are just not selling?
• Days on Market is 60, 90, or 120 days and still no interest?
• Are your clients getting impatient?
We work with Realtors: We are professionals like you and we want to work with you to move unsellable properties or to provide homes for your non lendable buyers. If you need help selling that high DOM property we offer a referral fee. We can handle the entire marketing and sale of the property using our Short sale negotiations, owner finance and mortgage assignment program.

We Have a Very Lucrative Commission Schedule and Bonus Structure Available
when you bring us a Seller or a Buyer or both.

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